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It is hard to implement compliance of expense management, and the review process is inefficient and complex

Through expense policy and business travel budgeting, management and control are implemented in advance, and the system verifies rules automatically, with strong/weak control settings

It takes time and effort to authenticate invoices

The system is connected with the original account database of the National Tax System, so it can automatically verify the authenticity

Vouchers reviewed often have to be returned for correction, for which much is spent on communication with employees

Non-compliant vouchers are automatically returned by the system

It is easy to lose vouchers as they are handed over

Business travel suppliers issue uniform invoices, to reduce paper invoices

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After use

It is hard to put corporate rules and regulations, and cost policy into practice

Achieve automatic control through rule setting and multi-dimensional budget management

Without business data as basis, "blind approval" often happens

Intelligent approval is realized, to see particulars of expense allocation, detailed budgets, and historical data by one click

Expenses cannot be known and controlled in real time

Expense incurred and progress of budget enforcement can be checked in real time

Complex statements of a large number cannot be used for decision-making

Through ecological integration with the Internet, first-hand business data can be acquired and made into multi-dimensional statements automatically, to support decision-making of leaders

Approval and signature cannot be given during business travel, affecting the handover of vouchers

Through mobile office, review and approval can be conducted anytime and anywhere

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Data of different business systems cannot be connected

A standard API interface is provided, which is conveniently connected with the internal system of your enterprise, and can be invoked

Local deployment is costly, and later operation maintenance and expansion are faced with great pressure

Deployment and expansion are quick and swift, and operation maintenance is provided by a professional team of the cloud service provider

The system cannot adapt to the changing demand of enterprises

With three engines, high configurability is realized, to adjust to new demand quickly

When the organizational structure is changed, it takes time and effort to modify relevant approval processes, and sometimes downtime is needed

With the features of one-key switching and automatic correction, maintenance of the approval process is simplified

Data security cannot be guaranteed

The team of AWS, a world-class security expert, guarantees security

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After use

Forms are complex, with many fields which have to be filled manually

Through ecological integration with the Internet, expenses and routes are synchronized automatically

Forms are filled late, often with errors and omission

Expense records are imported automatically, without error or omission

Invoices are often lost, and it takes time and effort to paste them

It is not required to manage and paste invoices for settlement of your company’s bank account

Due to various problems of compliance, invoices for reimbursement are returned repetitively, so a lot of time is spent on communication

On submission of vouchers, employees are reminded automatically whether the vouchers are compliant and can make a correction timely

Reimbursement is not paid in time, with low satisfaction among employees

For settlement of your company’s bank account, employees do not have to give advance payment

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Next Generation Cloud based Intelligent FSSC Platform


Internal systems

Mobile Based Intelligent reimbursement

Seamless mobile expense management from Request to Reimbursement at anytime and anywhere

Before business travel

Submit Travel Request on finger tips, preverification of travel policy

During business travel

Real time expense records sync, and automatic import of invoice

After business travel

Ticking expense records and create Expense report, cross check with travel request. Auto Financial documents proceeding
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